Blessed John's Children

During September through May of each year, Blessed John's offers First Communion, Confirmation, and Sunday School classes at 10AM for children.


First Communion

For children ages six years and up who have not received First Communion, this class is open to registered members of the Ordinariate. Using the Faith & Life Series, the Baltimore Catechism, and supplemental educational games and activities, this class is designed to form our younger children in the basics of the Catholic Faith to aid them in discerning the Real Presence in the Eucharist and in their devotions in a fun atmosphere!



For children ages seven years and up, (14+ are encouraged to attend the adult Evangelium Course instead, for their Confirmation class.) the children's Confirmation class uses the Faith & Life Series (Catechism Course) and Ignatius Press Confirmation, the Baltimore Catechism, and supplemental games and activities. Children in sixth grade through twelfth are also encouraged to attend the Youth Group on Thursday nights.


Sunday School

For children grades 3-12 who have already been Confirmed, there are three general classes, which can be broken up smaller due to the numbers of children attending and their ages. Elementary (grades 3-5) Faith & Life Series 3-5, Baltimore Catechism, Bible & Supplemental books, games, and activities; Middle (grades 6-8) Faith & Life Series 6-8; High (grades 9-12) Bible, Materials from Word on Fire & Supplemental Books focusing on theology, history, apologetics, philosophy.

Registration Instructions & Form

First Communion & Confirmation

Children who are the ages given above or older, who desire to receive these Sacraments, and are canonical members of the Ordinariate, may do so.

There is no cost involved.

1) To enroll your children in one or both classes, please first register in Blessed John's if you/your family have not.

2) Then, please register yourself and each individual member of your family in the Ordinariate if you have not.

[Note: Unlike the parish registration form which is a family form,
the Ordinariate requires individual forms that are signed by each individual
(or parent for those under 14 years old.)]


Safe Environment


Sunday School

Sunday School is open to children who have already received their Sacraments of Initiation, and may be members of the Diocese of Orange or the Ordinariate.

There is no cost involved.

Join Blessed John’s & the Ordinariate

Note: this form to register your child in one of our classes is an individual form. Please refresh the page to fill this out if you wish to register multiple children.

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